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Anthony Rezendes and Keith Quinn discuss their efforts in creating comics part-time. They talk about what they do as day jobs, what their side projects are, and the long-term purpose for the podcast. Topics such as processes, marketing, influences, and printing techniques are touched upon briefly, as well as structure and layout and preparing for comic conventions.

(This podcast was recorded on June 5, 2009)

Keith Quinn is a game designer in Austin, Texas, working for a local company on a massively-multiplayer online game. He currently creates two webcomics, Local Heroesand Playtime Projects™, which have joined his Heroes Incorporated® as a printed comic. More about Keith can be foind at

Anthony Rezendes is a senior interactive designer for a non-profit in Austin, Texas who does some art freelancing on the side. He makes comics in the evenings and weekends as his third job, but it looking to "upgrade" comic creation to become his second job. More information about Anthony and his full-color Brawn™ comic can be found at

Anthony and Keith have started this podcast to help them improve how they integrate comic creation into their normal lives, while educating (and entertaining) listeners with information about their creation and production processes along the way. They'll set goals for themselves with each podcast and use their appearance at the next Staple Independent Media Expo (in Austin Texas, in 2010) to help measure their successes in those goals.

During the podcast, we mentioned these products and services:

The introduction music used in the podcast is Musette by Partners in Rhyme.

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