014 - Happy New Year!


Anthony and Keith catch up on their projects after some time-off, and discuss the latest changes at Webcomics.com.

This holiday season, Anthony went away on a short trip but began catching up on his coloring tasks this past weekend.

Keith was also away for the holiday, but was able to create some sketches that will be used for future Local Heroes strips. This weekend, he penciled and inked a new strip for the upcoming storyline. Keith is also flirting with dusting off one of his old pen-and-paper role-playing systems for a brand new role-playing game.

They both talked about a recent webcomic news item: Webcomics.com, a popular webcomic creation resource, has changed from a free site to one using a subscription model. Anthony and Keith talked about the valuable information offered by the site, the challenges of the site's abrupt transition to the new model, and several possible futures in store for it.

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