013 - Handling Distractions


Full time jobs, family, friends, TV, games . . . . Anthony and Keith talk about they handle distractions and get down to the business of creating comics.

This podcast's discussion focused on distractions in a broad sense—TV, games, Internet time-wasting, pets, friends, family, and other work—and how to handle them. Distractions can keep you from working on your comic, but there may be times when you can use such distractions to your advantage.

One listener, Tyler James, mentioned he uses the Boudewijn Pelt Flatting filter (free at http://www.bpelt.com/psplugins/flatting.html) for Photoshop help. Keith suggested that this filter was a good example of consolidating activities, reducing the impact distractions may have otherwise.

Both Anthony and Keith agreed that find the time and place when you can be most productive is important, especially when comics aren't your full-time job. Anthony sometimes works on comics in the morning or during lunch. Keith mentioned he works best in a non traditional space (like a dining room table or even a floor), often with a TV on in the background. He also mentioned the convenience of being on a slightly-later schedule than his girlfriend, and how that allowed him to sometimes work into the night without having to split his attentions.

Keith said that driving to his day job, walking his dog, and even taking a shower may keep him from putting pen to paper, but these activities also compel him to switch gears and accomplish some pure brain work.

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